Religion – more than just an old story 

Time to talk 

From my previous posts you can already guess that I am quite religious. Therefore, some might say that what I am about to write is a little bit biased. However, it still needs to be addressed. So, I am slightly concerned about the fact that so many people are losing their faith.  

Is the modern world too modern for a religion? Well, I do not think so. That is why I want to talk about some myths that surround being religious in the 21st century. Maybe this will help to change the current situation a little bit. 

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Too boring for millennials 

To begin with, it seems that a lot of young people think that religion is old and boring. However, that is not the case. Being religious just makes you a little bit more peaceful in your mind. What is boring about that? You get to meet so many religious people and become best friends easily. That is the beauty of being religious. I am not sure why the myth about religion being boring even exists, but it is time to forget it. So many young people could really benefit from becoming religious.  

Not enough freedom 

This one is also quite sad. Some people believe that religion restricts their life completely. However, that is not the case. Religion just suggests what kind of things are bad for you, so you would not commit sins. Any religious person is completely free to do what they wish if it is not wrong. Go for a run, try playing pokies online, meet friends, as you are not restricted! I would even say that religion makes you feel free. Therefore, no need to be afraid of being religious, as you can still enjoy life.  

Not a part of a community 

I have heard this way too many times. People sometimes believe that no one else is religious, and it is not popular at all anymore. However, there are so many religious people all around the world. You become a part of a huge community once you become religious, so nothing to worry about.

Moreover, that is actually a perfect way to make new friends, as you will already have something in common. Is that not amazing? Life does not have to be complicated at all when you are surrounded by people who enjoy the same things. So, does religion still sound so scary and boring to you?